Joanna Kiriaki

Psychic Medium . Reiki Master . Card Reader . Intuitive Counselor



“Today Joanna talked to my grandparents. She was able to tell me things that I have never mentioned to her, and some things I didn’t even know. It’s comforting to know they are watching over me, and it was beautiful to see tears in my mothers eyes when I relayed the information. Joanna is truly gifted, and only continues to amaze me.”

Shelby McGeorge

“Thank you for the great reading and answering a lot of unanswered questions. I will be sure to recommend you to others.”

Jonathan Salie

“It was awesome meeting with you today, Joanna. We covered a lot in only an hour, and you really helped explain some questions I’ve had. The key things I take away from you are always trying to stay positive and trying to better yourself every day. It was nice seeing you today.”

Mike Luongo

“My dog Myla was diagnosed with a Herniated disk this weekend and has been in pain and clearly uncomfortable for days. I reached out to Joanna when I realized the 3 different pain medications weren’t completely helpful. I couldn’t stand to see my pup suffering so much! It didn’t take long for Myla to relax and stop shaking for the first time in 5 days while Joanna did reiki. I was amazed and thankful that she could give my dog some relief and begin to help her heal!!! Thank you so so much!!!”

Marina Polcaro

“Everything makes sense now.”

Marco Medina

“Just did a reiki session with Joanna Kiriaki Alexander, and I feel fantastic. This was my first ever reiki session, and I wasn’t sure what to expect (if anything) but it was a really cool and relaxing experience! Thanks Joanna!!! Can’t wait to come again next month.”

Jenna Collard‎

“I was feeling down like my life was in shambles and not know how to deal with it, I was at the point I didn’t know what to do and asked for some healing vibes..the next day I woke up still almost in tears like I was being ripped apart inside and that it didn’t work…then the last 2 days out of nowhere I woke up a new person with a positive attitude and just an overwhelming feeling that things will be ok …so thank you I truly believe I needed you and when I turned to you your healing vibes worked! I can’t thank you enough you are an amazing person with an amazing gift.”

Linda Connell‎

“Anyone that is considering a reading, Joanna is amazing! She is the real deal and gives you such comfort thru this crazy experience. I am honored that she took the time to be a medium for me to my loved ones and I can now say that my healing process has started thanks to her gift!”

Meaghan Wilson


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